Rhawnhurst Turning Point

Center for Youth and Young Adults in NE Philly

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a center for 6-12th grade youth and young adults where they can learn, grow, serve, and have fun in a safe environment supported by caring volunteers and Christian Staff.


Rhawnhurst Turning Point is a joint mission, service, and learning venture begun by Redemption Lutheran and Rhawnhurst Presbyterian Churches in 2007.  Opened in our current location in October 25, 2011, we are supported by many community groups, churches, and individuals as we offer programs to support the youth in our community.


Rhawnhurst Turning Point is not a church and it’s not a Youth Group. We are a Christian non-profit with a heart for the Rhawnhurst neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia and a desire to improve the lives of youth and young adults in our community.


What We Value:

The following list was compiled by the first Turning Point Board of Directors and reflects the things that we value as an organization. These values inform the decisions we make, the programs we offer, how we operate in our day to day business, and how we interact with individuals and our community.

  • Prayer
  • Being Christian and sharing our witness as Christians
  • Creative Risk Taking: We deny that there is a mission or ministry “box” and choose to trust the Holy Spirit’s leading. We embrace the freedom to plan and dream in creative, “risky” ways. We are not afraid to try something new or to fail.
  • Ecumenism: working together within the Christian community.
  • Humor
  • Integrity and Authenticity: being honest, straightforward, and transparent in everything we do.
  • Partnership: working with others, collaborating together, building relationships.
  • Quality and Excellence: doing what we do with quality, believing that mediocre isn’t good enough
  • Reciprocity: after we are served, we are called to give back in service to others.
  • Relationships: with God, with adults, with youth, with our neighborhood, with staff, with volunteers and the Board are more important than programs.
  • Respect and Acceptance: respecting every individual’s journey with God, respecting that God is already at work in people’s lives, respecting people where they are at in their journey. Everyone is welcomed and loved as they are.
  • Responsible Decision Making: using critical thinking, common sense, and aiming for simplicity.
  • Transformation
  • The Environment: being environmentally friendly and aware in our daily operations and planning.
  • Young People: we value the lives of young people and providing them a safe, enriching environment