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“Feast Night” Service Project Registration

Feast Night Service Project Registration

We are looking for youth who are interested in being involved in leadership roles for this new ongoing service activity between RTP and Feast of Justice! On the 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings of each month, youth will meet at RTP at 5:30 pm to be transported to Feast of Justice, where they will be in charge of organizing and serving a community meal, followed by the opportunity to help lead a casual worship service after the meal if they so choose. (Youth are not required to participate in this worship time.) Youth will return to RTP where they can be picked up at 8:30 pm. Space is limited and registration is required. Please complete the below form to register. Email Kim Hibbs at Kim.Hibbs@RhawnhurstTurningPoint.com with any questions.
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  • House Rules and Behavior Covenant

    As a youth using the Turning Point Center, I agree to: • Show respect for myself, staff, volunteers, and other youth at Turning Point • Not engage in any physical or verbal fighting • Not engage in bullying, and alert adult volunteers if I am a victim of/witness to bullying. • Not bring or use alcohol, tobacco products, or any non-prescribed drugs. • Not bring or use any weapons • Not use offensive language • Not engage in sexual activity • Treat the center with respect (i.e., no writing on tables, no food near the computers, cleaning up after myself, etc.) • Respect the property and possessions of other people and the center, and agree to pay for any damage I cause. • Not loiter outside the building. • Sign In and Out when I enter and leave the Center. • Be mindful of those around me and help to create supportive and positive environment. When using the computers I also agree to: o Log-In and out in the Computer Log Book o A 30 minute limit when others are waiting to use the computers. (Students using computers for school work will have priority) o Not access any websites that contain sexual, pornographic, or offensive content. o Wear headphones when the sound is on I understand that Staff and Volunteers have the right to ask me to leave if I break these rules or if I am disrespectful, disruptive, or violent.