Rhawnhurst Turning Point

Center for Youth and Young Adults in NE Philly

Summer Visual Arts Registration

Summer Visual Arts (&Crafts): Wednesdays 6:00pm - 8:00pm

A little bit of this and a little bit of that, join Volunteer Dawn for a mix of visual art and crafts. Painting, decoupage, crafts, and more, we will dabble in a bit of everything Wednesday evenings and also design the next large wall art piece to be placed in the center! Class runs every Wednesday from 6:00 - 8:00pm from July 12th through August 16th. Space is limited and registration is required. Please fill out one registration form for each student registering.
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  • House Rules and Behavior Covenant

    As a youth using the Turning Point Center, I agree to • Show respect for myself, staff, volunteers, and other youth at Turning Point • Not engage in any physical or verbal fighting • Not engage in bullying, and alert adult volunteers if I am a victim of/witness to bullying. • Not bring or use alcohol, tobacco products, or any non-prescribed drugs. • Not bring or use any weapons • Not use offensive language • Not engage in sexual activity • Treat the center with respect (i.e., no writing on tables, no food near the computers, cleaning up after myself, etc.) • Respect the property and possessions of other people and the center, and agree to pay for any damage I cause. • Not loiter outside the building. • Sign In and Out when I enter and leave the Center. • Be mindful of those around me and help to create supportive and positive environment. • When using the computers I also agree to: o Log-In and out in the Computer Log Book o A 30 minute limit when others are waiting to use the computers. (Students using computers for school work will have priority) o Not access any websites that contain sexual, pornographic, or offensive content. o Wear headphones when the sound is on I understand that Staff and Volunteers have the right to ask me to leave if I break these rules or if I am disrespectful, disruptive, or violent.